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MarComFly's Advisory Board was carefully selected to ensure a balance of proven leaders with diverse skillsets and experiences.  One thing that is in common is each advisor knows what it takes to outperform and exceed ROI expectations.  Each has a track record to show it.  

Crossing industry, government, science and technology, MarComFly's Advisory Board Members are uniquely qualified to provide insights and guidance when you need it for critical business decisions.  

Meet the Advisory Board

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Amy Mininger

Chief Marketing Advisor

Quickstart approach & proven team builder.  Let's build a

go-to-market plan with measurable metrics.

Global Expansion Advisor

Experienced international business developer with expertise in political-military affairs & wide exposure to

world leaders.

Product Positioning Advisor

Capture manager & product developer with broad reach into the technology &

science arenas. 

Sales Team Advisor

Superior international sales management knowledge, training methodologies and 

compensation plans.


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