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Our network is full of creative talent for graphics and technology.  So, we often meet some budding artists in other genres.  We do a pro-bono video to help the get their voice heard through social media, when requested!  If you are an artist, contact us about it.  

Artistic expression is the freedom to share the otherwise unexplainable things – whether it be sorrow, gratitude or perplexity. #LeaveAMark

Follow DC Arts Community efforts and visit @MiningerArt on Twitter.  

Join the community and shop on Facebook @MiningerArtGallery.

Meet The Artists


Coming Soon!

Storytellers with paint, these artists will inspire you to paint yourself.

Digital & Tech Art

Coming Soon!

We are asking permission to share the intense perspectives using the old and new tech.


Coming Soon!

Theatrical and wonderful to view or even to wear, these artists have pizazz.


Coming Soon!

Perspectives from around the world that can even make construction come to life.


An Artist Seeking A Promo Video?
It's Free!  Ask Us Now.

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